Who’s Who in the UFOlogy World

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Who’s who in UFOlogy for beginners

Noun: the study of UFOs

If you are just learning about UFOlogy now and would like to know who is who, well here is a list that might help.  This is a collection of people and websites who are trying to get the truth out about UFOs and alien contact. From whistle blowers to Youtubers, to doctors, to scientists or retired NASA or AREA 51 employees, all these people have helped in some way to bring UFOlogy to the next level and closer to the truth for the public.

Dr Normal Bergrun

Decorated former NASA scientist claimed that the US space agency has proof of spaceships that have been orbiting Saturn for years.


An anonymous whistle blower who claims to be an  ex Naval officer who says he saw the entrance to an alien base in Antarctica. See article here.

Dan Burisch

Dan Burisch, an alien/UFO whistle blower discusses his experience in Area 51,  or really another area called, S-4.  near Groom Lake which is 16 miles south  of Area 51, where he says he worked with a captive Extra Terrestrial named,  J-rod or as he called himself, Chi’el’ah.  In many interviews Dan Burisch talks about his work with J-Rod, an incident when J-Rod sat on him when he accidentally fell down, and how he telepathically spoke to him with these work sessions. He talks at length about his work for the government for many years and how he knocked J-Rod back to his own “world” through a machine called the, “The Looking Glass,” which is a time travelling machine. Just writing this out it sounds like a sci fi movie, but when you watch how genuine Dan appears while he eloquently tells his story, you start to believe him. He will certainly make you question everything you think you know and realize how we are not told the truth on many matters. Watch Project Camelot’s video interviews with Dan Burisch here. You can also read the book,Alien Disclosure at Area 51: Dr. Dan Burisch Reveals the Truth About ETs, UFOs and MJ-12.”

Gordon Cooper

Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper reported on his last orbit of the earth to have seen a green glowing UFO and reported it to controllers in Perth, Australia. When he landed reporters were told they would not be allowed to question him about his UFO sighting.

Robert Dean

A Retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, Robert has been in many documentaries and on talk shows discussing the government cover up or UFOs and alien visits on earth.

Ron Garner

Ron Garner had an interest in UFOs since he was a young boy after the Roswell incident sparked his interest. After a lifetime of research and gaining inside connections Ron made a video telling of the many secrets regarding UFOs, aliens, who is part of the Illuminati and others secretive disclosures thirty days before he died. Watch is deathbed confessions here. You can see a lot of his research here. To learn more read the book, Anonymous: A Former CIA Agent comes out of the Shadows to Brief the White House about UFOs.”

Tyler Glockner/ Secure Team

Tyler is just your everyday guy, who became interested in UFOlogy. He has a popular Youtube channel that discusses UFOs and collects footage from everyday people who get lucky enough to catch one on video. Check out his Youtube Channel: SecureTeam10.

Corey Goode

Corey Goode was an intuitive empath that was recruited by the MILAB  program at age six. MILAB is a deceitful military operation performed to convince the targets of the operation that they have had an encounter with extraterrestrial beings which is actually a staged ploy.

Colonel Charles Holt

Retired Colonel Charles Holt has collected many sworn statements from other traffic controllers at Bentwaters that witnessed a UFO on radar.

Donna Hare

Former NASA employee says they doctor and cover up any anomalies in thousands of space photos. She was an illustrator photographic slide technician when she worked for NASA.

Richard Hoagland

He wrote that advanced civilizations once lived on Mars and the moon and on some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. He claimed that NASA and the US government conspired to keep these facts secret and hidden from the public.

Dr J Allen Hynek

An astronomer, professor at Ohio State University and ufologist. He was an astronomical consultant to the US Airforce’s Blue Book.

Dr Ken Johnston

A consultant for Brown and Root in the Lunar Receiving Laboratory of NASA in 1971. He reported that he saw technician blurring out and removing images from lunar images taken from Apollo missions that showed alien bases, UFOs and other anomalies.

Major Donald E. Keyhoe

Major Donald E. Keyhoe was an American Marine Corps Naval Aviator and writer. He came forward in the fifties to tell the world that the American government was covering up UFO and alien visits and asking for the release of all UFO files. Watch his interview with Mike Wallace here.

Bob Lazar

Robert Scott “Bob” Lazar claims to have worked on a classified government project called, Galileo which involved reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S4, which is near Area 51. He has come forward with information about UFOs and even brought a friend, John Lear, out to Area 51 where he knew testing was going to occur, or practice flights on the crafts they had reverse engineered, which resulted in his getting fired the next day. Although Bob Lazar came forward with all the information he learned about UFOs, he said he did so to protect himself and that sometimes he wished he hadn’t as it has followed him through his life being known as the, “UFO guy.” Watch is “tell all video”  here. 

John Lear

John is a retired airline captain, who’s father founded the Lear Jet Corporation. He  came forward with classified information he had learned about UFOs and aliens. He was friends with Bob Lazar who worked in the S-4 area (near Area 51). He claimed Bob Lazar took him to an area by Area 51 to witness them flying UFOs in the area that they had back engineered. Bob Lazar was one of those science engineers who was back engineering these crafts. You can read many more facts on John Lear here.  Check out his website, “The Living Moon” here.

Major Jesse Marcel

In July 1947, Marcel briefly found himself the center of controversy after he brought in the debris of a “Flying Disk” that Mac Brazel had found on Foster’s Ranch. Jesse said he was under orders to never talk about his role in the alien disk recovery, but occasionally would talk to others about being involved in a UFO recovery.  Read more about him here.

Dr James E. McDonaldalien photos

He was a senior physicist at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and professor in the department of meteorology at the University of Arizona in Tuscon. He was on several differnt government research commissions, and many of his projects were funded by grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), The National Academy of Sciences (NAS), NASA and other top agencies. He is known for his research on UFOs. Knowing he would be looked down upon for his UFO studies he did secretly he hid his research for eight years before coming forward. He tried to get the scientific community on board to realize the important of UFO studies and research. He had a “UFO” room at his house that his family guarded even after his death. His files held important research he did on alien abductions adn UFO research. Read what happened to his files here.

Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 14 Lunar Module pilot spoke publicly about his belief that the US government was covering up UFO and alien contact.

Finding UFO

A Youtube Channel that reports public videos and pictures. Visit: Finding UFO. They also have a website: FindingUFO


Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is the biggest website that collects UFO footage from the public and is a great UFO news recourse.  MUFON.com

Phil Schneider

A Geologist and explosives expert, Schneider claimed to have worked on constructing several underground bases for the government. He claimed that the US government had aliens working side by side to humans to build these bunkers. In 1979 he was at a meeting where 66 secret servicemen and black berets along with “greys” were killed after an argument turned into a shootout. He said he was struck by a beam during this that resulted in losing many fingers on his hand. that left a huge scar on his chest which led to his cancer eventually.

Donald Schuessler

Former NASA engineer, worked on every manned space flight during his time there. He is a founding member of the Mutual UFO Network, an administrator for the MUFON Medical committee, and member of the UFO Research Coalition board. He has written many papers and books on the subject of UFOs, including The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident.

Ingo Swann

Helped develop the process of “remote viewing” at the Stanford Research Institute. He did viewings of alien bases on the dark side of the moon and talked about extra terrestrials living among us here on earth that looked just like humans.

Third Phase of the Moon

Run by Blake Cousins and his team Third Phase of the Moon is a Youtube Channel that brings unfiltered videos from the public to you regarding UFOs or other paranormal happenings. Check out their Youtube channel  and Website here.

US Air Sergeant Karl Wolfe

In the air force for five years, he had a secret crypto clearance at the air command in Langley AFB in Virginia. While working there he was shown pictures of detailed artificial structures on the moon.


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