What are you Psychic Predictions for 2016?

psychic predictions for 2016

What are your 2016 Psychic Predictions?

Every year we ask you for your psychic predictions for the year to come. If you have had a dream,  a premonition, or just an overall feeling you can’t fight, please tell us about it below in the comments section.

Predictions from some well known Psychics for 2016

From:  Psychic and Astrology World Predictions for 2016 by Craig Hamilton-Parker
  • Massive earthquake in Himalayas causes dam to burst.
  • Japanese island sinks beneath the sea
  • There will also be a bigger than ever disruption to the ice sheets.
  • An alleged naked picture of Kim Jong-un causes a political row.
  • Donald Trump’s bid for the Whitehouse if thwarted by illness. The last battle is neck and neck between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. The republicans win after a sudden last minute change of republican candidates.
Kyra Oslers 2016 Predictions found on: Kyra Osler’s Website
  • The frontrunners become Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton ends up winning.
  • A cure for cancer found using nanobots instead of chemo and radiation.
  • Regarding fertility:  Having an embryo grow in a lab will be an option in the future.
  • Regarding the Right to Die:  There will be a move forward with Right to Die laws in some states such as Washington and eventually Vermont.
  • France: Bombing in the Paris Metro today, August 13th, around 3 pm.
Celebrity Psychics for People Magazine:
  • Kanye will be the one breaking the Internet first this year with a breakthrough album. Kim will have a tougher time recovering from pregnancy, and her health issues continue.
  • Justin Bieber will work hard to get Selena Gomez back but if he fails will move onto a new love, maybe becoming a father.
  • Rihanna’s relationship with T is doomed, and once they start touring a bit together, I see the relationship ending.
  • Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani: Romance and love will continue to bloom for the pair. I sense marriage coming in September 2016 as well as a pregnancy.
  • Adele: Success, success, success.

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Tell us your psychic predictions for 2016 below in the comments!

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