The Berenstein Bears or Berenstain Bears? The Mandela Effect

the mandela effect

The Berenstein Bears or Berenstain Bears?

We all remember reading these books when we were little, or at least reading them to our children. How do you remember it being spelled? Many people swear that they remember it being Berenstein Bears that they grew up with. But if you look at the books it is now really spelled, “Berenstain Bears.”Which way do you remember?

If you happen to have a book laying around, look at it and it will be spelled Berenstain Bears.  Yet there are a couple documents that have been found where it was spelled the other way. Usually though where it is spelled with an “E” it is usually something like an old tv guide or magazine that is not put out by the Berenstain company.

So what is the reason for this “false memory?”

Why do so many people remember it being spelled differently. Here are some possible reasons it may be a false memory.

  1. Our brain has just filled in the “ein” version because it is more common.
  2. We don’t really remember reading it, we have just heard people “say” it.
    (But then again, why did they say it wrong, were they misreading it too?”

The other theory is called, “The Mandela Effect.” The Mandela Effect is a theory that we somehow entered a parallel universe where things are almost exactly the same with a couple details being different. As just one action would cause a different ripple effect people think that these small things that are being remembered differently are the results of us now living in an alternate universe.

Tell us what you think about both above theories and check out all the other “Mandela Effects” being reported.

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