Psychic Predictions on Disappearance of Air Malaysia Flight 370


On March 8, 2014, Flight MH370 disappeared without trace on  with 239 people on board. It has not been found as of today. Where did it go? What happened to all those on board? Was this foul play or an accident? Here are some “psychic predictions” from those who think they might know.

1. Prediction from

Quotes from Hogue’s Website:

“For now, I’ll tell you this for the prophetic record. I sensed before it became publicly known that Flight 370 had passed over land and jungles. I saw it had crashed in jungles. I didn’t think much about it after last weekend. I might be just imagining it, because all the objective evidence at that time pointed to the plane crashing over the South China Sea.”

“At the moment, I still hold a picture in my inner eye of a crash site under jungle canopy in a remote area. I thought it might be the Malay Peninsula but perhaps it is up in the Sumatran mountains where a jet with all of its mechanisms to cry for help, shut off, might have crashed at night, the wreckage perhaps not burning or burning only for the remainder of the night, unnoticed by human beings.”

2. Prediction from Deadline Live with Jack Blood

“Malaysia Missing Plane Flight 370 Will Reappear, Likely With A Boom, On March 19th, Quinquatria.”

“So the point of today’s article is to predict another major event for tomorrow, March 19th… and I believe this event will likely involve the VERY SUSPICIOUS Malaysia missing plane Flight 370, which went missing on March 8.”

3. Harry T Predicts

He says he does not see an explosion or a crash. He does not see any “spirits.”  His automatic writings showed him that he was being shown that the plane was not in the water but that we will not learn what happened anytime soon.

Watch Video Here


4. Uri Geller Predicts

Taken From Above Top Secret

“Uri Geller revealed that he has been approached by a “substantial figure” to help in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft. Flight MH370 disappeared without trace on March 8 with 239 people on board. The spoon bending psychic has been asked to use his powers to explain what happened to the aircraft. Geller, who has been using a technique called “remote viewing” to establish the fate of the plane, revealed that he believes the pilots were overcome by a fire.”

What do you feel happened? Place comments below. And let’s all pray for all who are missing. 


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