Psychic Predictions on Disappearance of Air Malaysia Flight 370


On March 8, 2014, Flight MH370 disappeared without trace on  with 239 people on board. It has not been found as of today. Where did it go? What happened to all those on board? Was this foul play or an accident? Here are some “psychic predictions” from those who think they might know.

1. Prediction from

Quotes from Hogue’s Website:

“For now, I’ll tell you this for the prophetic record. I sensed before it became publicly known that Flight 370 had passed over land and jungles. I saw it had crashed in jungles. I didn’t think much about it after last weekend. I might be just imagining it, because all the objective evidence at that time pointed to the plane crashing over the South China Sea.”

“At the moment, I still hold a picture in my inner eye of a crash site under jungle canopy in a remote area. I thought it might be the Malay Peninsula but perhaps it is up in the Sumatran mountains where a jet with all of its mechanisms to cry for help, shut off, might have crashed at night, the wreckage perhaps not burning or burning only for the remainder of the night, unnoticed by human beings.”

2. Prediction from Deadline Live with Jack Blood

“Malaysia Missing Plane Flight 370 Will Reappear, Likely With A Boom, On March 19th, Quinquatria.”

“So the point of today’s article is to predict another major event for tomorrow, March 19th… and I believe this event will likely involve the VERY SUSPICIOUS Malaysia missing plane Flight 370, which went missing on March 8.”

3. Harry T Predicts

He says he does not see an explosion or a crash. He does not see any “spirits.”  His automatic writings showed him that he was being shown that the plane was not in the water but that we will not learn what happened anytime soon.

Watch Video Here


4. Uri Geller Predicts

Taken From Above Top Secret

“Uri Geller revealed that he has been approached by a “substantial figure” to help in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft. Flight MH370 disappeared without trace on March 8 with 239 people on board. The spoon bending psychic has been asked to use his powers to explain what happened to the aircraft. Geller, who has been using a technique called “remote viewing” to establish the fate of the plane, revealed that he believes the pilots were overcome by a fire.”

What do you feel happened? Place comments below. And let’s all pray for all who are missing. 


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14 Responses to Psychic Predictions on Disappearance of Air Malaysia Flight 370

  1. Dawn Jones says:

    This one is directly associated with The flight of 370. Chuck, my spouse asked me to read on it. I have stopped putting most of my stuff on facebook, that I get, but he asked me to do so. So This is what I recieved.

    This plane as I saw it was a Hijacking. Two (or more) crew members were invovled. I saw what I believe was the pilot, taking out the co-pilot. (I think he just got put to sleep, but may be dead at this time.) There was a female who also helped and I believe she was a stewardess. Chuck can validate I told him this stuff…They turned off the communcation devices, The passangers were put to sleep when they either depressurized the cable or turned off O2, this wasn’t entirely clear, but the passangers all passed out from a lack of O2 quietly, and didnt suffer.) They might have had O2 masks on for awhile, but it wasnt enough. I don’t think so, because no one called. if they had known about it they would have called.

    The plane was made to look as if it went down. I don’t believe it did. This plane was diverted North to an undisclosed place close to Pakastan or Iran. It may have been in several stages. They may even have removed the black box and put it on a decoy plane and sent it into the Indian Ocean with some bodies to make people think that it went down. The reason for doing this, They wanted the plane, something about the techology. It didn’t make sense to me, but Chuck said by studying this plane they may be able to find ways to turn off any and all Tracking devices and identities of future planes so they can be used. Lets just say there may be more missing planes in the future. Chuck who has Military background said that he felt this has remarkable long range plan applications for future short term missions. It worked for 911 and if they are more savay they could do a lot of damage upon the US and other targets throughout the world to reak havoc. I also feel that they are trying to target young American males who are disgrunted, and need a sense of belonging, and being “warriors” into their ranks. Their job will be to help take out Americian targets because they can “pass” for normal. These will includie Damns and Power Infrastructures. They are linked to Al Qaeda.
    I saw part of this at the beginning where the plane went missing, but discounted it because everyone kept insisting the planes remains had been found.
    I redid the reading at Chucks request. For those who found this humerous, when I was young I was trained by an excellant teacher, and my accuracy rate is high, as those who know me can attest to.
    My feelings about it have not grown less, but stronger. The bodies of some of these people are buried in a mass grave, others may have been planted to make finding the “wreakage” believeable.
    A lot of people may laugh about this, and think it’s stupid. Well based on this, I will make sure I stockpile some amino, and get a generator. While it will not be able to put us down for long that is not the intention. It is to get us off Kilter long enough to do what they plan. This is a LONG RANGE plan, with specific goals. For those who will think it’s doubtful, well look what Putin is pulling off now. All the warm fuzzies in the world will not make these people want to play nice. They are our sworn enemeies.

  2. Staff Admin says:

    Hi Dawn, thank you so much for reading this and replying with your own predictions. Very interesting and intriguing what you wrote, not silly at all. I beileve this is the link to your page, I will post it so other can find you. Thank you for stopping by. Also with your permission I could move this to the main post if you’d like?


  3. Nancy says:

    This missing plane has really been on my mind.
    I am no psychic but did get the impression the plane went North South.
    I saw the right plane wing bent and the other one was breaking up where it was attached to the airplane body. It looked like it was an interior fire.
    I saw a right hand and a lighter???

    I also saw the initials L…C…M…
    This bothered me, not knowing what the letter meant? So, I look up the map of Laos with that direction. I found Laos and Lampang mueang chiang rai. Looking on the map it read, Lampang..chiang..rai, could that be where the plane is? Anyways, it is by initials L…C…M….
    Dawn, can you get anything from those initials?
    I also saw two baby heads, they were happy and smiling at the time.
    God Bless,

  4. Lindsey says:

    The day before the plane went missing I had a really eerie feeling. I scanned headlines & couldn’t find anything of significance. The next morning the news was covered in stories about the missing plane. That night when I went to bed I had a vision of a male with a goatee on a plane. He had a grimace on his face and I got that he was a very malicious person. I was shocked when the photos came out of the two passengers with stolen passports. The individual with the goatee Is The person I saw in my visions. I understand these Two individuals have supposedly been cleared. But I strongly feel like the individual with the goatee at least had something to do with the disappearance of MH370.

  5. Camilla says:

    I think the plane is in the northwest area of Australia inland and not coastal. It could possibly underground. If not there then search in the waters off the northwestern coast of Australia. The search started in the extreme southern Indian Ocean. The next Move was about seven hundred miles northeast. That is getting closer to land but it is still too far south. The next move in the search are was yesterday to the east and closer to land. And today it is slightly west. They are searching in the wrong area. It is too far south.
    As far the plane diverting, I think it was hijacked and passengers were involved.
    I continue to have this overwhelming feeling since before the Indian ocean search began. It is an unexplainable feeling. I cannot explain this. My husband is puzzled too.

  6. Stan says:

    I have told my friends the out points based off Logic ie plus points and out points and it lead me to believe that if one knew enough about World War II secret air bases in north of Western Australia then I could think of two from that time that could be used for this purpose of secretly hiding a jet plane . There is one near Marble Bar and another between Broome and Darwin. Both are long runways . And there maybe others I am not aware of. Stan

  7. The one thing I believe with absolute certainty is that there has been a coverup as to what really happened. The Malaysian government won’t release the audio of the cockpit conversations. We can all rest assured that there is something they don’t want us to find out. The transcripts should not be accepted as proof of anything. They could well be doctored or bogus.
    People who watch the networks need to ask more questions as to where certain ideas are coming from. It’s very likely that the wild goose chase in the Indian ocean stems from a coverup as to what really happened. In this day and age we need to wary of what’s commonly known as radical Islam. These terrorist groups are extremely well-financed thanks to all the money that goes to the Middle East for oil. Malaysia is a Muslim majority nation and it’s very conceivable that there is a terrorist organization connection to what happened.

  8. Elizabeth Robins says:

    Diary of Perceptive Australian …Predictions are generally measured at 13 month intervals following an intense dream. Beginning April 2011 –
    Written recording of future an accident, diagrams, number of plane. Began after seeing a documentary of James Cameron. Then dreams of jellyfish and chinese lanterns (Lat” Lantern Bay Tas). This man has studied specific reefs, in particular around the lower western quadrant of Australia. And under the Bight. (Strong thoughts from this time of benzine and its initial discovery, which was rather paranormal in itself.) the creator of the molecule discovered it by dreaming of a snake eating its own tail, he put his equation together and there we have benzine. Petrol.
    Diary 20th November 2012- 8.14 /20:14 Those before the water whose name does not appear in the bible,will die another death. ( Im not a religious freak, I kept seeing the clock glow on these numbers ) Dreamt of a Malaysian man on a stool, and of a tsunami in the same night. In the ocean a blue and yellow fish waving and then becomes unrecognizable from the air. Wave was out from western tip of oz Tsunami was from Eastern Shelf at mariana Micronesia. I just write, dont doubt, stay with me here…
    12th March- Found out about plane and email to self of Indian Ocean being the spot to look. 16th March 2014, communicated location to coastguards and officials, specifying over Xmas island and down in line with Tasmanian Lantern Bay. 1st pieces out of W.A tip and to look across 4001km and then south east of there. Second bits are parallel to Shark bay. Shame no one was there looking for two weeks, because that’s where the beep beep was!!!
    I look for missing people as a past time putting dreams and relative moments together, projections etc.
    Theory — New engine design was on the plane or a design where petrol isn’t needed, perhaps a water motor or the drone design needed by military was knocked out. Into a reef very deep and almost undetectable, the question is who designed the equipment, knew about it and needed it.?? Is anyone wondering why there is such a focus on the one area??? This was not random. Nothing is random. Events simply occur. Locations are all specified in premonitions and dreams beginning 2011, just wait for the news and look back like I do. And say wow, aren’t we as people underestimated..

  9. Elizabeth Robins says:

    Regarding the diirection of the Australian Bight in my previous comment, . there was a body found there the next day, a missing lady, nonetheless, testimonial of our combined abilities to see.

  10. William Coleman says:

    Did not get a psychic hit with this event.No imagery or remote views .This suggests a veil has been placed around the incident by powerful forces.By the way psychic impressions can not be dialed up like telephone numbers and they arrive only when they are intended to be shared with us.When they are received they are as clear and unambiguous as to cause the psychic to truly believe the truth of the impression.And evidence that is later found correlates the impression with clinical precision.This happens very rarely so that decades can pass before further messages are given. Emotional energy is often the link that delivers a good psychic image or sound.

    • Nancy says:

      Funny, you should talk about a veil. I almost forgot about that. To the right of the plane was something in the unreal world. It had vertical and horizontal lines?? My impression when seeing the plane was solid and what ever that was to the right was the unreal or should I say the real world.

      My feelings at the time was wow, can the real and unreal world exist together like that, I don’t know.

  11. Ron Kelley says:

    I don’t believe in Magic, Voodoo or Psychics. I do believe the plane was hijacked (by the pilot or some third party) for evil intent and will indeed re-appear at a later date (just as some psychics predict) but loaded to the gills with explosives. At that point, someone / some country will be faced with the very ominous choices for the elimination of the aircraft – “IF THE WORLD IS FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO DISCOVER IT BEFORE IT POERFORMS IT’S TRUELY EVIL & VERY DESTRUCTIVE DEED. There are some truly sick puppies in this world that we live in. Some of them hacked this plane and killed everyone on board. This is my theoretical prognostication. I hope I am wrong!

  12. A says:

    I had a dream. I saw the plane in brown desert and bodies pulled out of the plane and put on the ground. All the bodies were dead. Marks around their throats like blue colour.

  13. Guy Winters Ghost of GreenCastle Story says:

    I asked Irene the spirt if she knew what happened to them..She said : quote: the flight was taken by the Grays {Aliens}, because there were many people on board who were working on a devise that could create a black hole and would effect time, and that they are on a space station that is real close to the sun.they are all alive and are being absorbed into the hive that overlooks the earth. the earth is a habitant, we are a protected species and we are not ready to join then yet. She also said that WW3 will start sept 2016…and the last thing she said to me was that the Grays are monitoring selected people thru ORBs made of Plazma here on earth. if found worthy,they will be part of peace on earth for a 1000 years …they will be taken off planet at the last moment right before the sun shoots the earth with a killer solar flare and thins the problem population that is killing the planet, march 2020.after that we will be brought back and start happened once before…

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