Dr Dan Burisch, the Man who worked with Extraterrestrials


Dan Burisch worked at Area 51 and reported working with different extra terrestrials over several years, particularly becoming close to one they called, “J-Rod.” He comes across as very genuine, trustworthy and concerned about the future of mankind.

These extra terrestrials he worked with were “humans from the future” according to Dr Dan Burisch. He talks of a group of extra terrestrials he calls the  P45s (a J-Rod group originating approximately 45,000 years into the future) which he claims abducted him in his youth. Eventually after bonding with this J-Rod Dan claims to “returned him to his family” by letting him go ahead in time using the Stargate Device reported to be a time  machine inside of Area 51.

Listen to his story here.

Alien Disclosure at Area 51: Dr. Dan Burisch Reveals the Truth About ETs, UFOs and MJ-12

Disclosure Dialogue with Rob Simone and Dr. Dan Burisch

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