Chem Trails

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Who is ordering this, and is it part of the New World Order? Is it dehumanization? Is it putting pesticide on crops? Why then spray it over the ocean and in areas where there are no crops? Is it part of a plan to control our weather?

What we do know, is that when we test our air after these aerosols are sprayed, is that they contain such things as barrium, aluminum, lithium and pesticides.

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Chem Trail Survey

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What state have you seen Chem Trails in?
What do you think they are spraying? Vapor or con trails
Pesticides for crops
Crop Seeding
Metals in the clouds for weather modification
Mass Vaccinating
New World Order
Do you think it is our responsibility to find out what they are spraying? Yes
Which line would you pick to get in? A Reassuring Lie
An Inconvenient Truth
Have you noticed any health problems in you or your pets when these chem trails are sprayed?
What kind of health issues do you notice? Shortness of breath
Head Pressure/headache
Ears ringing
Eyes watering or hurt
Swelling on face
What do you think we can do to stop these chemicals (or whatever) from being sprayed?
Do you know any of the pilots spraying these or someone who works in any way related?


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