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UFOs and the Presidents

The Presidents and UFOs: A Secret History from FDR to Obama Newly Released Larry Holcombe releases his new book as governments around …

Bigfoot Sighting in Utah Payson Canyon

Bigfoot Sighting in Utah Payson

This video is of  an alleged Bigfoot Sighting in Utah Payson Canyon uploaded Feb 15, 2016. Of course as always, there is dispute whether this …


UFO Sightings of 2016

We will try to keep track on here all the unexplained UFO/Alien sightings, mysterious noises, crypto sightings and anything we can find …

orgone for chem trails

Does Organite Clear Chem Trails?

What is Orgone? From Organite Info: “In the 1930’s and 1940’s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure the existence of …

lyme disease controversy

The Lyme Disease Controversy

One of the biggest controversies of 2014 is the debate about whether Lyme Disease, or particularly “Chronic Lyme Disease” is real.  There …