Bimini Road and Atlantis~ Edgar Cayce Prediction

Edgar Cayce Prediction from 1938

“A portion of the temples may yet be discovered under the slime of ages and sea water near Bimini…Expect it in ’68 or ’69 — not so far away.” The Bimini Road was discovered in 1968 and Cayce said it was the “rising of Atlantis.”

Did His Prediction Come True?

Bimini Road discovered in 1968 Photo Credit: Historic Mysteries

According to some people, yes. Some believe that Bimini Road is actually a part of Atlantis. Edgar Cayce described Atlantis as being an ancient civilization the same size as Europe, and having  superior technology. He also predicted that Atlantis disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean some 10,000 years ago.
Edgar Cayce went on to say Atlantis went into three major periods of division, the first two occurring around 15,600 B.C. The mainland divided into islands, which he named Poseida, Og, and Aryan. Click here to read more on Bimini Road.

According to Cayce the people of Atlantis built giant laser-like crystals for power plants which caused destruction of the land. He blamed the final destruction of the land and their culture on greed and lust. Lastly, he said there was a large migration of Atlanteans to Egypt and that the sinking of the last remnants of Atlantis were due to the Biblical Flood of Noah.

What do you think? Is Bimini Road really Atlantis? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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