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Big Foot Sightings of 2016

Hello everyone! We will try to start a list here of all the Bigfoot sightings we hear about during 2016. If you …


Big Foot in Oregon?

Reports have been coming in on strange noises coming out of the woods. Local residents started reporting these loud cries coming from …

Bigfoot Sighting in Utah Payson Canyon

Bigfoot Sighting in Utah Payson

This video is of  an alleged Bigfoot Sighting in Utah Payson Canyon uploaded Feb 15, 2016. Of course as always, there is dispute whether this …

ufo alien

Who’s Who in the UFOlogy World

Who’s who in UFOlogy for beginners u·fol·o·gy Noun: the study of UFOs If you are just learning about UFOlogy now and would …

unexplained mysteries in the year 2016

Unexplained Mysteries of 2016

Unexplained Mysteries of 2016 UFOs and Alien Encounters 2 Russia UFOs caught on Video 5 UFOs or other strange phenomenom caught on tape …



Welcome to the cryptozoology page! I would love to hear you opinions about what creatures you think exist and which are just …